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The PORCH Therapy Group is a group of independent counselors who are committed to Providing Opportunities for Recovery and Courage for Healing (PORCH). At the PORCH, we realize that successful treatment begins with a strong therapeutic relationship. Therefore, relationships are our priority. This focus allows clients to feel safe as and understood, which is a strong catalyst for progress towards healing and reaching their goals. 

At the PORCH, we understand that science and research on the brain, mind, body, and best treatment practices are rapidly changing. Therefore, we search for opportunities to increase our understanding and knowledge about how adverse experiences, impact function and happiness in everyday life. Then, we use our expertise to treat the distress caused by these events. We look for and take advantage of opportunities to learn how these negative experiences affect overall health and wellness. Through this knowledge and awareness, we are equipped to help develop a plan for treatment based on an individual’s goals. Whether the aversive experiences are seemingly normal everyday stressors, trauma through abuse and neglect, early childhood attachment disruptions, or a single catastrophic event, we can address the issue and related distress with cutting edge treatment. 

The PORCH believes that education, prevention, and intervention can mitigate the need for treatment and decrease suffering. We vow to make a conscious effort to provide programs to provide opportunities for change in the community. This will come in the form of community workshops, parenting education classes, and groups.

Services Offered

- Individual Counseling

- Couples Counseling

- Family Counseling

- Play Therapy

- Grief Counseling


- Trauma-Informed


- Mediation

- Consultation

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